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Do-it-Yourself Guide on Selling to the US Market

Do-it-Yourself Guide on Selling to the US Market

Sales is learned by doing. It's like obtaining six-pack abs. One can be given the instructions on how to obtain a six-pack, but the hard part is executing on the instructions.

Joining our Cooperative is like hiring a personal trainer—we make the sales process much easier to learn and execute. If you'd like to try it yourself first, below you'll find our Do-it-Yourself Guide on Selling to the US Market.


  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) - Used by salespeople to manage contacts. Examples are HubSpot and Salesforce.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - Software used to make calls. One example is Skype.
  • Decision Maker - The person in charge of making decisions related to your product. In this case it would be the plant buyer.
Sales Process
  1. Decide who your End-customer is: are they Growers, Retailers, or both?
  2. Upload this list of US Growers and Retailers into your Customer Relationship Manager.
  3. Create a list of 50 companies in your Target Market.
  4. Have a salesperson use VoIP software to call the first company on the list.
  5. Use a script (sample script below).
  6. Identify the Decision Maker.
  7. Once you confirm interest, send your plant list and Import Permit instructions, if necessary.
  8. Confirm Customer Order and Send Invoice.
  9. Collect Payment based on Payment Terms.
  10. Deliver Plants.
  11. Go back to Step 4 and repeat.
Sample Script

Hello, my name is [YOURNAME]. I am calling from [YOURCOMPANY], we are an exporter of plants in Guatemala. We specialize in [PLANTNAMES]. May I speak with your Plant Buyer?
Hi [PLANTBUYERNAME], we specialize in [PLANTNAMES] and are located in [GUATEMALA]. May I send our availability to your email?
(then send email with availability and follow-up in 2-3 days)
USDA Import Permits

Customers will need to obtain an Import Permit if you want to send them more than 12 plants at a time. Below you will find videos from the USDA describing how to obtain one.
Here are the steps for Customers to get their Import Permit
  1. Create an account on the USDA eFile portal
  2. Wait 15 minutes
  3. Log in
  4. Apply for Import Permit (587 Application)
  5. Guide to filling out the Application:
    1. Application/Permittee Contacts
      1. Confirm contact information
    2. Intended Use
      1. Intended Use > Plants for Planting
      2. Commodity Type > Plants for Propagation
    3. Select Articles
      1. Plant Part > All Plant Parts Except Seeds
      2. Country/Region of Origin > Thailand
      3. Find Article > Monstera (add all other genera in the order)
      4. Click "Add Articles to Application"
    4. Supporting Documentation
      1. Optional, skip.
    5. Certify & Submit
      1. Confirm accuracy.
      2. Click "Submit Application."
  6. Receive and Download Import Permit File
  7. Download the Labels for PPQ 587 File (Green and Yellow labels)
  8. Send both the Import Permit file and the Labels for PPQ 587 File


The Import Permit file looks like this:

The labels for PPQ 587 file look like this:

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