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Member Spotlight - EXPORGANICA S.A.

Member Spotlight - EXPORGANICA S.A.

EXPORGANICA S. A. is a grower in Guatemala that specializes in pony tail plants. They are the first exporter from Guatemala to sign a Letter of Intent to join the Plants Without Borders Cooperative.

What is the name of your business?

When did your interest in plants begin?
In the crisis of 2001, a lot of producers was broken

When, and why, did you decide to start your business? 2014, because Beaucarnea guatemalensis is a plant that only Guatemala export and a lot of producers step out of the market.

How many hectares of growing space do you have?
3 Ha of process and 30 ha of fields of growing

How many workers do you have? 37

Can you tell us about Exporganica and how your business benefits Guatemalan women? We are located in the desetic area of Guatemala, a cluster of migration to USA, 70% of the migration is man. Woman’s live in a perpetual lack of opportunities.

Why did you decide to specialize in pony tail plants?
Is an endemic plant of Guatemala 85% of the value is labor, and we have the advantage con climate and knowledge on the process

Are there any varieties you interested in growing for the future? Aphelandras and Monsteras we are finishing to develop the mother plants, in months we will be ready.

How did you hear about Plants Without Borders? AGRITRADE

What interested you about Plants Without Borders?
Smart view and way to open markets

Where do you hope to see your business 5 years from now? The 1th exporter of pony tail in the world

Is there anything else that you want potential buyers to know about you and your company? We born with an approach to empower woman and create sustainable development

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