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RFP#0001 Official Logistics Partner of Plants Without Borders

RFP#0001 Official Logistics Partner of Plants Without Borders

RFP#0001 Official Logistics Partner of Plants Without Borders

Published: 6/1/2022
Closing 6/30/2022

Project Summary

  • Plants Without Borders is a global trading platform for plants.
  • We reduce the friction for buyers and sellers of ornamental plants.
  • Plants Without Borders is seeking a Primary logistics provider who will be responsible for the majority of shipments between Buyers and Sellers in each of the 12 Countries/Regions that are nodes of the Network.
  • Below is an explanation of how the Shipping Network works between Buyers and Sellers located in the 12 nodes.


Vendor Requirements

  • Eligible vendors are any 3PL provider capable of facilitating shipments between the majority of nodes in the Network.
  • In relation to Customs Clearance, the Vendor's responsibilities and extent of their liability must be clearly stated.
  • Ability to move shipments of both small parcel (<100 pounds) or freight (>= 100 pounds) between all or most of the 12 nodes in the illustration.
  • Integration with Shopify.
    • Ability to auto calculate landed cost inclusive of duties and other fees in real-time, before a shipment is booked.
  • Competitive pricing:
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Ability to move shipments of both small parcel (<100 pounds) or freight (>= 100 pounds) between all or most of the 12 nodes in the illustration.
  • For Transparency purposes, the Vendor must allow their logo on the front page of our website alongside the language, "[VENDOR], the Official Logistics Partner of Plants Without Borders."

Additional Desired Characteristics/Capabilities:

  • Examples of instances where the provider took responsibility for a Customs-related error and compensated the shipper/receiver, with the ability to speak with references, are a big plus.
  • Ability to obfuscate customer/receiver information on shipping labels
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Shipping Insurance

Anticipated Schedule

  • 6/1 - 6/15 - Responses are collected.
  • 6/16 - 6/22 - Comments and Questions are Distributed.
  • 6/23 - Initial Responses and Answers are reviewed.
  • 6/30 - Target date for decision to be made.

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated Track Record of Accountability
  • Proven Ability to Meet Requirements
  • Competitive Pricing


  1. Please submit all company information and pricing to our Response Submission Form.
  2. Follow-up questions are asked.
  3. A decision is made, and the contract is awarded.


Questions & Answers: 

"Could you could please include shipping characteristics (sizes, weights) or volume estimates for a weekly/monthly shipping period? If you include the latter, please include the split between the over 100lbs and under a 100lbs shipments. What will be the anticipated average cost per order?"

Estimated monthly volume over 12 months
Low: 225 kilograms/month
Medium: 700 kilograms/month
High: 1250 kilograms/month

Split between shipments under 100 lbs and >= 100 lbs

Estimated split of volume between APAC and LATAM:
APAC - 40%
LATAM - 60%
Estimated weight of each order:
25-75 kilograms
Estimated average dollar value of each order:

"When reviewing your list of shipping origins and destinations, we’ve discussed Indonesia and Thailand being a current active lane, and a potential for Latin America, for import to the US. Do you anticipate the exports from those origins to destinations other than the US to launch immediately, or will that be further down the line?"

For more information, call (775) 461-5063 or email Agnes Javier, Head of Risk Management at

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