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Seller Memberships

Seller Memberships are required to sell on our Online Marketplace. The Benefits are designed to provide a competitive edge. Annual Dues are required for New Members and are based on inflation levels, among other market conditions.


Annual Dues are adjusted quarterly. All prices below are valid until September 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM PST.


Installment payment plans and other financing options are available.
Sales Incentive ranges (example: 6.9% - 50%) give the Seller the option to increase the Incentive. This will increase the motivation of our salespeople when they are selling your inventory.


Descargar Explicación de Beneficios - Beneficios

Descargar Programa de beneficios América Latina y Asia

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Download Members Only Benefit Schedule - Latin America & Southeast Asia

Download Members Only Benefit Schedule - United States

Link to Seller Membership Application

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