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About Our Cooperative

Hi, my name is Mark Javier, and I am the Founder of Plants Without Borders. My ancestors were farmers in the Philippines, and some relatives are still farming to this day. Unfortunately, farmers are one of the poorest categories of workers in the Philippines. Many have been forced to move from their provincial homes to cities, some forced to live in slums and eat food scavenged from trash.

"Pagpag" is the name for food scavenged from trash.

In early 2021, during the height of the houseplant craze, I learned that growers in the Philippines earned only 6 cents for a pineapple that sold retail at $2.50.

Growing pineapples is popular in the Philippines.
A statement showing that this grower was paid less than 6 cents (3 pesos) for a Grade 1 Fruit weighing 3 kilograms (roughly 1 pineapple).

Since May of 2021, we have facilitated more than $175,000 of transactions and
listed the products of growers from 5 different countries. By simplifying and lowering costs for the entire the supply chain, we create value for both growers and the buyers of their products.

Our end goal is to shift the paradigm of global trade and create an alternative ecosystem based on direct exchange and equitable compensation. Plants Without Borders is based in the United States and is family-owned and operated.

Mark Javier
Plants Without Borders