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Exclusive Allied Trade Memberships

Augment Your Sales & Marketing Efforts.

Growers and retailers also buy other products, in addition to plants. We are launching Exclusive Allied Trade Memberships to help increase the revenue of vendors with whom we have shared values.

Once you become a Member, your inventory will be listed for purchase on our Marketplace alongside the plants. We can even provide up to $17,500 in financing for orders of your inventory. Allied Trade Memberships will be provided to only one vendor globally in each subcategory.

  • Peat Moss [link to auction]
  • Coco Peat [link to auction]
  • Plastic containers [link to auction]
  • Biodegradable containers [link to auction]
  • Garden/Outdoor/Decorative Retail Products [link to auction]
  • Fertilizer [link to auction]
  • Greenhouse lighting [link to auction]

Example: If Best Peat Moss Inc. becomes an Allied Trade Member on Plants Without Borders, Best Peat Moss Inc. will be the only vendor of Peat Moss on Plants Without Borders, for the duration of their Membership.

What does it cost?

Option 1

$195.00/month Dues

20.7% Commission on all Sales.

Option 2

$1,578.14/year Dues

13.8% Commission on all Sales.

Minimum Requirements

  • Business must be in an Allied Trade listed above.
  • Business can be located anywhere in the world.
  • Must be able to ship to the continental United States.
  • Must be able to prove ownership of company with government-issued documentation.
  • Must commit to maintaining a simple Google Sheet of their inventory, with product names, price breaks, and direct links to product images.

Payment Terms

  1. 50% down upon order
  2. 50% up to 7 business days after delivery minus any damaged product

Quality Guarantees

Members must agree to quality standards and refund or replace orders when necessary. Members must provide their own shipping solution and take responsibility for the quality upon delivery.