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Environmental Sustainability

Plants Without Borders is taking the following actions to promote Environmental Sustainability:

1. Through our Zero Waste Initiative, we are reducing waste from overproduction in the supply chain.

By participating in our Zero Waste Initiative and signing up as a Finishing Station, greenhouse owners can add an additional stream of revenue while reducing the amount of waste that results from the production process.

2. We are reducing carbon emissions by optimizing the supply chain.

"Your aglaonema may start off in Thailand and then go to a lab in China that then may go to a production facility in Costa Rica to end up at a grower in Central Florida that then sends it to a garden center in the Northeast."
- CEO of a large US importer of plants.


The supply chain for plants is complex and global. Carbon emissions can be reduced through strategic decision making regarding where products are sourced and how. Plants Without Borders sources the majority of its plants and flowers from regions where they grow naturally.


3. Reducing carbon emissions by promoting the increased production of plants.

Plants are the only consumer good that removes carbon from the atmosphere for the duration of its lifespan. By helping producers worldwide increase their incomes through trade, we are ensuring that the production of plants continues.