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Exporganica S.A.

Rabbit's Hole Nursery
Member Since September 2021

$45,685.44 sold
Average value per plant: $ 88.20
Perfect order %: 95.24%

Specializes in: Monstera, Alocasia, Philodendron, Hoya
Farm size:
1 hectare
 Lamphun, Thailand
Chosen Logistics Provider:
 Dragon Courier
Number of employees: 5
Year Founded:
Open to Contract Growing: Yes

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Our nursery has been established since 2015 from our passion about the plant first. At the beginning, we work and develop our 7 acres land which divided in to many sections for example ornamental-plant nursery area, orchard, and vegetable field.

Right now we hire three local workers for helping us to take care of our land, and we also take care of our worker’s family in return.

In Our two acres ornamental plant nursery, We have collected foliage plants from all around the world. And the more we know the plant, the more we love them. We grow them with love until now we would like to let the world know how’s amazing these plants

Jarad Sivipapong
Owner, Rabbit's Hole Nursery
Lamphun, Thailand