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Free Listing Program

Plants Without Borders is committed to fighting inflation while promoting environmental sustainability through our Zero Waste Finishing Station Initiative. We launched this initiative for the following reasons:

  • Inflation in the United States has hit a 40-year high.
  • Freight, plant material, and labor account for more than 75% of expenses for growers in the United States (Prices Paid by Growers, Dr. Charlie Hall).
  • Lack of predictive data is an industry pain point that leads to overproduction.

With our Zero Waste Initiative, we eliminate the risk of production going unsold and therefore wasted. This lowers overall costs and carbon emissions for the supply chain. Greenhouse operators in the United States who are Members of our Cooperative can now apply to become a Finishing Station.

Why would a greenhouse operator want to be a Finishing Station?

Finishing Stations can receive offers for Contract Growing jobs. This means that a greenhouse operator can make money with their greenhouse without taking on any inventory risk.

Here's a snapchat of the current supply chain.


Here's how the supply chain works with our Finishing Stations.


Buying starter plants without a confirmed buyer means taking on risk. Our Zero Waste Finishing Station Initiative aims to help greenhouse operators in the United States diversify their streams of income.

This gives greenhouse operators the option to monetize underutilized greenhouse space and continue to produce cash flow while eliminating the risk of unsold inventory, meaning less carbon emissions.

Finishing Stations dictate their own terms and conditions for payment. Finishing Stations must be at least a Starter Level Cooperative Member in the United States.