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Quality Guarantees

Our Suppliers take the utmost care in packaging and preparing our plants, and we work only with logistics companies with the proven capability to deliver. Sometimes, things can happen that are out of control, that result in plants arriving in less-than-perfect condition.

You have the option of purchasing a Plant Protection Plan with every order. The Plant Protection Plan entitles you to a free replacement for any plants that arrive spoiled or do not meet specifications.

The Plant Protection Plan ranges from 2.98%-17.98% of your Order Size, depending on the particular Supplier and the Country of Origin.

Plant Protection Plan Benefits of Full Coverage

Quality Guarantee
All plants are guaranteed to arrive alive.
Spoilage Guarantee
If there is any spoilage, you will receive a free replacement within 2-4 weeks, depending on country of origin.
Spoilage Guarantee Explanation Yellowing and loss of leaves can happen. To be considered spoiled, a plant must lose all leaves, arrive completely dead, or have root rot of more than 15%.
Specifications Guarantee Plants are guaranteed to meet specifications within 20%.
Specifications Guarantee Explanation Plant A is specified to be 20 inches tall.
Plant A arrives and is 15 inches tall.
Plant A's height is 25% (15/20) less than specified, so a replacement will be sent.
Replacement Shipping Replacement shipments are always free of charge, for both the product and the shipping.
Unboxing Video Policy A video that documents the unboxing process must be submitted with all spoilage claims.