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Cooperative Memberships for Sellers

Cooperative Memberships are required to sell plants or flowers on our Marketplace. Sellers can choose a No Commitment Month-to-Month Membership that is paid monthly, or an Annual Membership that is paid Annually.

Question: Why would you ever want to pay Plants Without Borders to help sell your products?

Because it is cheaper and lower risk than the alternatives:

  • Trade shows
  • Hiring salespeople

Question: Why don't you just market my products at no cost, and when an order comes in, you just give me the order?

  1. If we market your brand, customers may see your company and go to your website to order directly. If that happens, we will not get paid, and you will get order for free. This is actually part of the service you are paying for.

  2. If we don't market your brand, we will solicit orders from buyers, and then find the cheapest supplier for that particular product. This may or may not be your company. We want to work exclusively for you.

Question: OK, what are my options?