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Seller Payment Terms

Step 1: Buyers places Order

You receive a notification of the order, and send a confirmation that you have the product in stock, and are preparing the order. 

Step 2: First Payment: 50% down payment upon issuance of phytosanitary*

50% of the Product Value will be deposited into your bank account once we receive the phytosanitary.

Step 3: Plants are delivered to the destination stated by the incoterms, and the shipment is inspected by the Buyer.

You receive feedback from the Buyer regarding the condition of the shipment.

Step 4: Second Payment: 50% - spoilage - commission

Within 7 business days of inspection, the second 50% minus spoilage and commission is deposited into your account.


*Incidental Deposit: If Plants Without Borders is the Importer of Record, a deposit equal to the maximum potential fee paid to the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service for destruction will be withheld until after the shipment passes inspection.