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Product Pricing

Buyers on Plants Without Borders incur the following costs when they buy plants:
  1. Product Value - pass-through cost provided by Supplier
  2. Shipping Cost - pass-through cost provided by Supplier
  3. Service Surcharge of 11.98% - subsidizes Operations and Administration
  4. Plant Protection Plan of 9.98% - optional warranty (see Quality Guarantees) that subsidizes Reverse Logistics and Administration for Replacements and Refunds

Cooperative Buyer Membership Pricing

Cooperative Buyer Members pay less in surcharges and have access to other cost-savings benefits. Cooperative Membership is not required to purchase plants on Plants Without Borders.

Cooperative Buyer Membership pricing is based on the average salary of a Global Supply Chain Manager in the United States. This is because the cost-saving benefits provided by Buyer Memberships come from activities typically performed by a Global Supply Chain Manager, including but not limited to:

    • Supplier Scouting
    • Supplier Evaluation
    • Negotiation
    • Procurement
    • Compliance
    • Logistics

The annual cost for Cooperative Buyer Memberships range from 1.78%-4.45% of the salary of a Global Supply Chain Manager.


Cooperative Seller Membership Pricing

Cooperative Seller Members benefit from increased Sales capabilities similar to hiring an additional salesperson. This is why Cooperative Seller Membership pricing is based on the salary of a professional salesperson in the United States.

The annual cost for Cooperative Seller Memberships range from 2%-20% of the base salary of a professional salesperson in the United States.