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Rooting Station Onboarding & Workflow

Step 1: Join Plants Without Borders Cooperative

Step 2: Provide Greenhouse Availability + Terms


  • 2000 square feet of greenhouse space available
  • 1.5 acres of shade house space available
  • Nationwide shipping capabilities

Job requirements:

  • Upfront bi-weekly payment for time and materials for any jobs
  • Mandatory trial period for new varieties

Step 3: Listing Created

Your Profile Page will be categorized under our Featured Profiles, in the Rooting Station category.

Step 4: Receive Inquiries

You will receive inquiries from Exporters that are looking for Rooting Stations. The offers will have details about the steps and materials required to finish the plants.

Step 5: Enter Trial Period

Rooting Stations can decide to enter a trial period upon receiving inquiries from exporters. The purpose of the trial period is to give the Rooting Station the opportunity to learn the process of rooting the plant.

Exporters are encouraged to send no-cost samples during this process to ensure that the Rooting Station is comfortable with the plant.

Step 6: Trial Period Complete

Once the Rooting Station feels comfortable with rooting the plant and the associated costs, the Trial Period will be complete.

Step 7: Offer Finalization

The Rooting Station and Exporter will negotiate the final terms of the contract regarding royalties, commission, liabilities, and the duration. The duration dictates for how long the Exporter can expect the Rooting Station to be available to finish the plants in question. Plants Without Borders will mediate and advise on the negotiation.

Step 8: Offer Acceptance

The Rooting Station will sign a final Grow Contract that states

Step 9: Go Live with Finished Product Offering

The finished plants of the Exporter will then be made available for sale to customers in the United States. The Rooting process for any plants will be initiated when payment is received for any orders.