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Rooting Stations

Who is eligible:

  • Seller Members in the United States

Cooperative Members that are participating in the Rooting Station program are able to send and receive contract grow offers.

Increase Employee Retention

Keep your most talented workers by giving them work year-round.

Improve Cash Flow

Every square foot of unused greenhouse space is an opportunity to increase your revenue. By accepting contract grow offers, you can potentially increase the returns on your greenhouse investment.

Eliminate Inventory Risk

As a Rooting Station, you would only receive plants that are pre-sold. As soon as the plants are finished, they will be packaged and delivered to the buyer. This way you don't have to worry about growing plants and not being able to sell them.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be a Member of Plants Without Borders
  • Must own a greenhouse
  • Must have the capability to provide store-ready plants
  • Must have logistics capabilities to ship in bulk to the entire continental United States