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Royalty Program

Become a Destination

Do you want to be known for having the coolest plants in town? Let us make that a reality for you. Plant parents can order the plants that they want on our Marketplace, and pick it up in your store when it arrives.

Without Investing in Marketing or Inventory

It is extremely difficult for any brick-and-mortar business to rival the assortment of vast online platforms like Etsy or Facebook. Through our Royalty Program, we hope to make our comparable inventory available in a way that benefits local small business.

Capitalize on Your Advantages

Independent local small businesses are the trusted center of the community for plants, plant accessories, and knowledge. They are the perfect venue to introduce gardening and plant enthusiasts to new varieties in way that is easily accessible and customer success-focused.

Increase Upsell Opportunities

The plants arrive bare-root, and the customer may want soil, a pot, in addition to ongoing support and recommendations. This is where the knowledge of your staff is able to shine.

Diversify Income Streams

Add an additional stream of revenue by receiving Royalty payments equal to the Service Surcharge customers pay when ordering plants for dropshipping to your location.

Schedule Supply Chain Consultation

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be an independent retailer in the horticultural industry to become a dropshipping location.
  • Must be a Member of Plants Without Borders to receive royalty payments.
  • Must be a plant shop, garden center, or retail nursery.