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Seller Application Process

Step 1: Submit Application

You will need:

  • Complete list of inventory with pictures
  • Link to website or social media
  • Company documentation
Step 2: Consultation

We will meet with you to find out if our Platform is right for your organization. If it appears there may be a potential opportunity that is not yet well-defined, we may suggest a Proof-of-Concept instead of a full Annual Membership.


Step 3: Initiation

The Agreement is signed and Dues are paid.


Step 4: Onboarding

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you through the following process:

  1. Inviting you to our Central Communications Channel
  2. Guiding you through the selection of your preferred Incoterms
  3. Putting your entire inventory into a spreadsheet, with pictures

[Click here to download inventory template]