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Auction | Annual Gold Buyer Membership | Manhattan Exclusivity


The Vendor that wins this auction will be the only vendor or person allowed to purchase plants on Plants Without Borders from Manhattan for the duration of their Membership.

Why would any retailer consider becoming a Gold Member of Plants Without Borders?

Retailing plants is hard. By becoming a Gold Member, you will have exclusive access to our rotating inventory of rare plants from around the world, and we will work directly with you to ensure you capture the attention of your local market.

Royalty Program

Tired of paying royalties for plants? Gold Members who participate in our Royalty Program will receive royalties for plants that are dropshipped to your retail location and picked up by customers. You can learn more here.


5% of the Membership value will be donated to one of the two non-profits listed below. The winner of the auction will decide who the recipient of the donation will be.

Oakland LGBTQ Community Center